Gian Cruz

 IGN Homepage Redesign


The IGN homepage had largely been the same since 2010. However, the idea of redesigning the homepage was not to be taken lightly. The page was clearly getting long in the tooth, but users tend to hate change. The editorial staff want more control over promotions, but IGN fans don't want to be spoon-fed content they're not interested in. And as years went on, more and more ad products were being placed on the homepage to create more revenue, but these ads were becoming a detriment to the page's usability.

In 2017, my design team took on the task to create a new homepage for IGN. Our goal was to redesign the homepage to reflect our current brand and product sensibilities while keeping the all parties -- users, the editorial staff, and the sales teams -- (mostly) happy.


 Video Introduction of IGN’s New Homepage